Aquaculture without Frontiers Collaborates with the Technological University of the Sea Tamaulipas Bicentenary

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Aquaculture without Frontiers Collaborates with the Technological University of the Sea Tamaulipas Bicentenary

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A Memorandum of Understanding between Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) and the Technological University of the Sea Tamaulipas Bicentenary – Universidad Tecnológica Del Mar De Tamaulipas Bicentenario (UTMarT) to develop cooperative relations on the basis of established contacts and mutual understandings, especially to develop an aquaculture learning centre (ALC) to assist the people of Tamaulipas.

The partners are jointly seeking the following outcomes:

  • Connecting and creating projects which help to create new sustainable ways to create jobs, food and profit from the natural resources.
  • Creating new and longer term employment opportunities for the local population, which will in turn boost local activities.
  • Engaging students to be in close contact with the community problems and solutions.
  • Ensuring that students will have the right tools and resources to be the agents of change in their own communities enabling them to generate wealth and increase health.
  • Diminishing population migration by above activities


  • Currently operating in Mexico but interested in applying the model to other countries and regions.
  • Key results will be reported over the course of the five year program.
  • The UTMarT currently offers Technical, Bachelor and Graduate programs in aquaculture and the AwF agreement aims to jointly develop food security and personnel training in connection with the International Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer for Aquaculture (CIITTA) in a newly renovated former water treatment plant in Tancol near Tampico. The focus will be on freshwater fish such as catfish and alligator gar. In this the partners are also working with the National Farmers Confederation (CNC) and will include a number of species and concepts as the centre progresses.
  • With Laguna de Morales Co-operative Fishing Society we are aiming to turn a flagging wild fish Oyster industry into a profitable long term sustainable Oyster farming enterprise. An Oyster hatchery has been built but is still undergoing renovations. Expertise has been supplied for planning and training through three specialists who have been to Mexico specifically for this project. This is at the second ALC is based at Vista Hermosa near UTMarT in La Pesca which includes extensive indoor and outdoor facilities. One major outcome of the engagement was meeting with the oyster harvesters and discussing opportunities to improve the shell fishing by better resource management and aquaculture. The recommendations made include further environmental studies of the local lagoons to help site optimal growing areas, and better understanding of domestic and international markets.
  • Imad Saoud (American University, Lebanon), one of the world’s leading experts in Aquaculture in Arid land visited UTMarT and viewed site plans that are currently under renovation giving important tips to optimize equipment and spaces. Meetings were also had to discuss opportunities with CNC. In addition, he discussed with UTMarT staff potential research protocols to be performed in this facility. Additionally he gave two lectures to the students of aquaculture, revised the design area Vista Hermosa laboratory aquaria and discussed possible research applications.


“This agreement is bringing many benefits to the UTMarT and its students and we see this being very sustainable into the future. We have already experienced short interchange programs, visiting professors/experts, and are working on joint research and projects, participation in international training programs and exchange of experience between different members and specialists of AwF around the world. We appreciate things do not move always as quickly as we would like but strongly anticipate that our relationships will grow as we move down this pathway. This agreement fulfills the university’s goals of social awareness and extension which are part of its mission.” — Dr. Guadalupe Acosta Villarreal, Chancellor of UTMarT

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