High Value Small Farmer Production, Processing and Marketing in Indonesia

  • Posted by Phillip Hamilton 16 Apr

High Value Small Farmer Production, Processing and Marketing in Indonesia




Over the past 35 years, NCBA CLUSA, working in partnership with Indonesian cooperatives, has established sustainable cooperative procurement and processing activities together with marketing channels for coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, black pepper, cassava, and cattle. Over 500,000 smallholder farmers are selling their crops through these channels. Under this $4 million USAID-GDA, including $2 million of private sector leverage, NCBA CLUSA has focused on building new value chains for cassava, black pepper and vanilla in the underdeveloped regions of eastern Indonesia (West Timor, South Sulawesi, and the northern coast of Papua). As a part of this project, NCBA CLUSA formed the Indonesia Cooperative Business Development Alliance (ICBDA) which consists of NCBA CLUSA, two large cooperatives, KJUB Puspeta Luwu and Koperasi Serba Usaha Nimoran Kencana and two companies, AgriSpice Indonesia and Cooperative Business International Indonesia.


  • 6,894 farmers have been trained and are applying new technologies
  • 1,710 hectares have been rehabilitated or planted with cassava, white and black pepper and vanilla.
  • Partner cooperatives PT AgriSpice and KJUB Puspeta Luwu have purchased over 240,000 kilograms of pepper to date from farmer beneficiaries with a value of over $4 million.

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