Powering African Agriculture

  • Posted by Phillip Hamilton 22 Apr

Powering African Agriculture




Powering African Agriculture is a program under USAID’s Feed the Future and Global Climate Change initiative that helps identify, commercialize and bring to scale innovative clean energy solutions for cutting-edge agricultural applications in Sub-Saharan Africa. By providing on-demand analytic support to the Africa Bureau Office of Sustainable Development and building the capacity of Energy Grand Challenge grantees, the program ensures that clean energy technologies are used effectively to increase agricultural productivity and competitiveness in ways that improve household incomes and food security. Our flexible, fast, and responsive approach seeks to overcome barriers to the adoption, scale-up, and commercialization of renewable energy in the agricultural context by identifying opportunities and constraints, developing actionable recommendations, and providing world-class technical assistance.

PAA provides technical assistance and training to the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) of Kenya in order to help the GDC realize its objective of promoting geothermal direct use applications in Kenya by launching pilot projects which will demonstrate the feasibility of using geothermal energy directly to power agricultural and other activities.


  • Harness innovative clean energy solutions for cutting-edge agricultural applications that have the potential to generate significant measurable increases in agricultural productivity and value in Sub-Saharan Africa

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