Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

VEGA’s approach to enterprise development aligns local capabilities with multinational company needs and provides enhanced market knowledge and linkages for small and medium enterprises.

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VEGA Solutions helps corporate partners tap the enormous potential in emerging markets by drawing upon its member NGO experience expanding economic opportunities worldwide for over five decades.

VEGA Solutions partners with companies interested in both entering and expanding into new markets and meeting critical social needs by working all along the supply chain to:

  • Improve the quality, quantity, cost and reliability of inputs;
  • Strengthen the capacity of local suppliers;
  • Navigate and mitigate risks associated with the local regulatory environment;
  • Identify local talent and build the capacity of the local workforce; and
  • Measure impact and financial performance according to industry standards (and donor/foundation requirements, where funding from these sources is involved).

Companies increasingly see international NGOs as partners in entering new markets and geographies, delivering services, and working all along the supply chain to increase inclusion of diverse Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and smallholder farmers. VEGA Alliance NGOs make particularly good partners given their focus on the entire span of economic growth activities.

“Rising global demand and increasing innovation in food production, storage, packaging, and marketing have created tremendous opportunities for private companies, and these companies are looking to developing and emerging economies for their future.”
— From: “Private Sector Engagement in Food Security and Agricultural Development,” Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) – March 2012

As FSG has argued in “Creating Shared Value: A How-to Guide for the New Corporate Revolution,” there is growing potential for corporate – NGO partnerships, in part because firms are increasingly embracing and accepting a key role in addressing global social, environmental, and economic problems. Companies are recognizing the business as well as philanthropic benefits of community engagement, collaboration, and partnering with governments and NGOs.

“Shared Value” is increasingly becoming a conceptual underpinning in how a company views its role in society. This concept, introduced by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer in 2006 in the Harvard Business Review, has gained significant uptake by the business community. Until recently, corporate engagement in society has been viewed as a business cost, to be traded off against profitability. Increasingly, however, companies are realizing that by creating shared value, they can benefit society and boost their competitiveness at the same time.

While the needs of each company and country setting are unique, the NGO member alliance which comprises VEGA Solutions has particular expertise and experience in customizing supply chain solutions to the specific situation.

Bringing experience operating in almost every emerging market for several decades, member NGOs are well-placed to help international companies address the challenges associated with meeting the multiple local compliance regulations that are becoming increasingly common in many markets. At the same time, local SMEs require help to scale-up and meet the exacting standards established by multi-national firms. VEGA member NGOs have extensive experience assisting SMEs to expand and become increasingly successful in tackling these challenges, thus creating new and better employment opportunities in their local communities.

VEGA Solutions has a decade of experience as a sub-grant manager, successfully supervising over $300 million in funding for local organizations – organizations that today can be leveraged as potential partners who have know-how, development expertise and familiarity with local communities.

VEGA Solutions ensures professional program management from A to Z across a variety of supply chain needs. Our experienced team can design, compete, evaluate, award, monitor, and report on project activities and funds administration. We offer cost-effective access to a network of highly skilled organizations and expert, business-savvy volunteers. We can identify and manage multiple NGOs that can support business operations and accelerate entry into the marketplace.